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Post 235

Posted here on: September 23rd, 2014


That was a long break! No posts for nearly two months.

I suppose I'm not in the mood. Maybe the novelty of keeping this journal and website updated has worn off. Maybe other things have been more interesting to do.

There are so many things I want to do in life; it has always left me with the problem of not being able to focus on anything in particular. Although, certain things will never grow old. Some things are special enough for the love to keep me besotted forever. My daughter. Existence. My series of novels...

I think my website here will still be updated for the rest of my life. So there's no rush to be posting something that regularly. If websites become obsolete there's a good chance they'll be replace with some other format and no doubt I'll be able to convert all the data on my site to whatever comes next. Hurry up, quantum computers!

Anyway, going to try and do a little bit of novel work before bed.