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An Eye on the Future

Posted here on: January 23rd, 2015


An Eye...

One of the several unusual things I did today was go for my first ever eye test.

Turns out I've got good eyesight but the suspensory ligaments of my eyeballs that help the eyes focus are now becoming weaker (like the rest of me) as the years press on.

The picture is of the backside of my left eyeball...

I picked out some specs - courtesy of the national elf service! - and I can't wait to get them. My eyes have been going funny for a year or so now and also, as a part of my decision to focus (ha... focus!) my artistic output on writing novels I've started reading more regularly so need the glasses to read better.

...on the Future.

And oh yeah, I'm beginning to get my act together when it comes to nurturing a better online presence (an 'Author Platform', someone called it) to try and build up some kind of following and interest, or even just get noticed. This includes maintaining social profiles, networking and so on in preparation for when my first novel is finished and ready.

As part of that, my website is becoming more focused on me as an author. Other things have now been placed in a back room on the site.

Writing novels is definitely without question the main thing I want to do as an art form from now on.

officially became an Author on November 15th 2014.

I've seen the future, and it's not blurry any more!