Welcome to a strange place...

Behold – the human brain

Posted here on: April 10th, 2014


Feel loads better today. I was right on Tuesday when I said tomorrow is another day - yesterday was indeed another day and  today is yet another and everything's great.

I've been enjoying a book in snippets the last couple of weeks which I bought ages ago but didn't get to read much at the time, called Monsters and Magical Sticks - there's no such thing as hypnosis. It's very interesting and is having quite an effect on me...

It appears I've hypnotised myself, unintentionally, and with clearly evident results, simply as a byproduct of reading the book and contemplating the ideas it contains regarding consciousness; unconsciousness; right brain /left brain; our own reality as apposed to the reality around us; and how we all experience many forms of hypnosis (or simply different states of mind) - on a daily basis, and how we are programmed during our lives by ourselves and others...

If anybody actually reads this post, I'd recommend also reading that book. (Or was I hypnotised into saying that?)

It's also given me food for thought - with it being aimed at practicing clinical hypnotherapists - about the possibility of being able to help other people in some ways. I think I'll be going through the book again once finished to make notes and learn the skills more.

This was an amazing Journal entry wasn't it... Relax, close your eyes and say, "Yes - it - was - an - amazing - Journal - entry..."

Mumble Grumble

Posted here on: April 8th, 2014


Had a shite night last night sleep-wise. Put me in a grumpy mood all day with little energy to do certain planned things. Made it a wade through a swamp doing urgent business work.

However, life, in some distant form, continues and look - I'm doing a Journal post!

I hunger now. Hunger for food. Must... eat.

Got lots to gripe about but it's likely to do with work frustrations and tiredededness. So I'll shut up, sod everything and get some food. Ha! Food on my income. Tomorrow's another day.


Posted here on: April 6th, 2014


So all the major plot points are worked out for all four books. Some more definite than others but the essence of each major plot point is decided I think.

Now I can begin digging into the chapters and scenes to unearth the general plot as a whole, and for each book.

I've said this before but I believe I really do have the title for the first book now.


A change is as good as a Journal entry

Posted here on: April 4th, 2014


Morgan keeps saying I should write in my Journal more often, and so I should. After all, I'm sure that's what a journal is for. Also I should get back into my novel now and write regularly even when not inspired, because no doubt the inspiration will soon arrive each time I get started.

Today I decided to make an entry in my Journal here at the time when I have a headache. Probably partly because I can't concentrate on work or other things - including my novel which I was just attempting!

Here we are in April. I'm busy busy with business and other interests and also going through some self induced changes which are working great. My mind has altered and apart from suddenly putting an abrupt end to my chocolate addiction I'm doing some housework daily! I give it a good 30 minute+ blast so that it adds to my cardio workouts! I call it... my houseworkout...

I never said my journal entries would include humour.

Looking forward to a great summer this year. Should have some money coming in from the business and might even have aroused my interest in having a girlfriend or three again by then.

Here endeth the first and last entry in my Journal this day.


Posted here on: March 27th, 2014