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Pet Project

Posted here on: July 30th, 2014


I've done some strange things in my time and now, to top it all, I've started a mailing list as a way to connect with and grow my fan base as an artist.

On social media such as Twotter, FaceSpace, Link Tin and others, you can kind of connect with people but there are drawbacks. For instance: Your messages easily get lost in the stampede and no doubt don't get seen a lot of the time; it's not really personal unless it's a Private Message, which is no good if you want to share something with all your followers; there are restrictions, unexpected changes to how things work, and I don't like relying on third parties for the long term.

Also, it's better than blog posts (my Journal entries, even though they'll continue) because a) it saves people the effort of checking my website where posts are sporadic, b) I'm more likely to get feedback and conversation and c) it forces people to put up with me on a regular basis which is good for my ego and the environment.

The first email went out yesterday, which was easy, but what the hell am I going to write in the next one next week?

By the way - three weeks ago a young cat moved in to the house. Completely black, named Elric, with trust and schizophrenia issues.