August, 2011

Enter the Princess

Posted here on: August 9th, 2011


I'll never forget the picture of her,
When she stood there at my window,
Framed by the black of the night outside,
She faced away from me looking,
Out across the bed of yellow street lights,
Speckled and complementing the dark -
They were stars bowing to her wild golden hair,
And her dark draping full length skirt,
Completed the effect of the dark draping full length curtains,
A princess that came to my tower willingly,
Of her own accord and with (methinks) a scheming heart...

She stood there for a million wonderful years.
She couldn't see me watching her,
She looked perfectly at home,
As though the window had always waited for her.
When she broke my trance by turning to me,
And pointed through the glass to show me where she lived,
That is when I realised that a spell was upon me,
My trance became a dance of the heart,
And I was over to the window to stand close...
Gazing in the direction her finger pointed,
I saw only her, and felt only her indelible mark.


Posted here on: August 9th, 2011


Tiny legs thinner than a human hair
In a blur as the ant glides o'er the surface
This and that way and the next direction
Propelled again across the paper by purpose?

This ant doesn't want to be remembered when it's gone.
Isn't concerned with the history of its race.
Has no idea of a suitable career
Its religion and its life are one.

The Otter

Posted here on: August 8th, 2011


She made an impression.
Playing ball with secretive short-lived stares.
Down I went and viewed her from the rear.
With a view to a kill I drank the moment,
Swallowing the uncertainty and,
Lapping up the thrill before I dared to move.
Body sublime, the butt of my aching lust,
Now or never, yes or no, I moved in,
I made a grasp and held her for swirling moments
But the grasp was too weak for the wet fur -
She got away plunging into the lake of bodies,
My heart and hopes had been stirred - wowie.
Back on the balcony above I scanned but
She was lost for now.

Another room another pond of sweaty youth.
Something swept past my nose and eyes,
Again she made an impression but this time
I was the sniper in the blades of people,
People everywhere getting in the way,
I dodged and climbed and caused a little stir,
Hot in pursuit with no thought but her,
No thought of what if I got to her and
Taking her paw our eyes smiled again...
Her friend left us, and alone on the stairs
We had to compare our tongues and groins...
No time for mind with a body sublime.
And when she left to return to her invisible man,
I was alone on the stairs with a smile,
With a wowie hot jiggerty damn thank you m'am.

The stage was the setting for the next meeting,
She took care of my coat while I went for a slash,
Her female friends were beautiful and tarty,
Her male friend was silent and hiding everything,
His red military jacket and black hair engrossing,
He wouldn't share fags but maybe he would share
A lot more, if indeed he was the invisible man -
The man of the Otter's open relationship.
Neither of them indicated this and I didn't care.
I danced like Satan with a wasp up his arse,
Pinballed my way to the other side of the place,
Ending with a collapse in joy for the universe.

She stood nearby and I still hadn't seen
Hide nor hair of her boyfriend whom
I was beginning to understand might not even
Exist apart from in her playful mind.
I took the idea to her and for an answer
She took my hand and flew me to the balcony,
Put me down and proceeded to straddle me.
There we stayed and played together
Until, with dashed hopes of coming home together
Because of the lack of protection and
Maybe because she was going to s.l.e.e.p
With her friend with petrifyingly heavenly eyes,
We had to leave which was a struggle
As our mouths had gotten stuck together.
But sooner than I wanted I had gone.
All I had now were tiny glittering things
That had fallen from her makeup,
And a fruity smell like sweets was on me.
I cursed the loss of my pen that would have given my number,
I sang to the universe for giving me moments of pleasure
With the body sublime of Rachael the Otter.

Three Ways

Posted here on: August 8th, 2011


Oh joy of joys! oh boy oh boy -
Hee hee hee, ha har ha har.........
Standing at the bar with my good friend D. Porter,
When who should stagger to the bar beside him?
The man of the military jacket without the jacket
Who's be ousted from a pub he forgets the name of.
Is Rachael out tonight? I ask as casually as possible.
Yes. She's at the place from where he was evicted,
But where is this place? - He shows me his swollen knuckles,
He's been making a fool and hitting a wall,
With effort I discover her whereabouts,
D. Porter holds my drink while I run to my Otter.


At the T 'n'T I walk around but she can't be found.
I plan to keep looking but need to tie my shoe lace first,
Then as I yank the lace tight a pair of legs come into sight,
Our eyes fix and then our mouths collide...
She has to stay there with all her friends,
So I leave to return to my friend with my pint,
I love him and leave him with a promise to meet later.
Back through the streets hiding my drink in my jacket,
Back to the arms of the Otter (and the rest of her),
It's good to be near her and her cheeks that escape slightly,
From the micro-skirt as she rises to leave for the loo.
I am introduced to the lady fox sitting next to her,
And before I know it these two beauties swap saliva
Oh joy of joys! oh boy and two girls -
My imagination takes a leap into the swamps of paradise.


I've kissed and fondled the bliss that is Rachael,
She has left me and her friends for a bus to her home.
Oh dear, I am left with the sticky eyes and beckoning hair
Of the fox that talks with me for a welcome reason.
Across the table sits the girl with petrifyingly heavenly eyes,
My old heart feels it will die if subjected to any more beauty.
She orders me to snog the fox because the fox wants me to,
What can one do? We kiss and my broken jaw begins to
Feel the strain so I ask her to be gentle with me and
She is. She tells me how she and Rachael are very very very
Good friends and yet they both much rather need man...
She asks for my number and tonight I have a pen!
When I leave to meet D. Porter she tells me once and again,
That they will ring me soon, Sally the Fox and Rachael. (?)
My return from monogamy to promiscuity is well under way.
I'd say I've got a bargain and dreams of a harem
Oh joy of joys! oh boy oh boy -
Hee hee hee, ha har ha har.........


Posted here on: August 8th, 2011


And so the weeks have passed through my lonely body,
Bringing me to this clearing - stripped of naivety,
I wonder around looking for fruit but none is ripe,
Then I stop dead as I spot the Black Beetle, Nicky.
She dances with a scorpion that stung me recently,
(I have since seen the games that this scorpion plays,
The venom is harmless to one who knows her ways)
So I scurry to Nicky, avoiding her bewitching eyes,
And am informed that the Otter swims nearby -
When I know this it's only a moment before I find her -
I paddle into her path waiting for her to see me and,
For me to see her reaction, which is a flippant hug,
And she is gone, and I am lost for an empty instant...
And she is lost for good.


After a little while I am with my friend, the Giant,
He leans forward; I tiptoe; we talk of female attire,
My eyes though are elsewhere, and the Otter knows it.
Unexpectedly she moves through the clubbers to join us,
Wearing a transparent innocence she merely requires,
A light for her cigarette that I will give on condition:
A kiss for old times' sake - her lips briefly touch my cheek bone.
She gets her light as our eyes lock momentarily to
Dislodge just as easily - her eyes hold no more fire for me.
Away she returns to her friends and I leave the giant,
Here and there I take a chance but am doomed to failure,
With my blatant desperation shining dully in my plunder,
Various reactions of refusal and counter-attack come back,
For my disrespectful attempts and aura of insincerity.
And yet I refuse to be beaten (as I continue to lose the struggle).


Later, by the bogs, being politely turned down,
I feel a short whip of guilt when the Otter sleeks by but,
My feet take me on her tail to get me a final feel of,
That female waist; to chat with a fellow philanderer -
Ah, the girl who loved and left me to die, I smile,
To which she reminds me of the woman from a moment before.
Oh, I know her, I lie too quickly to consider the truth,
To which she calls me a liar from her platform of power.
And how many men have you scored since we last met? I return,
She raises four digits, hiding her pride in nonchalance...
That's not very good, I say, (her nature is then displayed),
I meant she could have had more. I meant she could have done better......
One finger makes a stab when she accuses me
Of snogging her babe (the Fox called Sally).
I was forced! is my plea, but I'm already acquitted...
Too much mind stood in the way of physical contact, and so,
With no danger of connection yet with a lingering affinity, we smiled.